1.     World mango scenario (Regional, Countryreport; Policies and perspective)

2.     Genetics and Breeding (Conventional and non-conventional approaches)

3.    Climate change -Physiology and reproductive biology (Cropregulation and          mitigation; environmental physiology; abiotic stress and physiological disorders).

4.   Agro-techniques for sustainable production (Propagation; Integrated nutrient     and irrigation management; HDP; Organic production; Canopy management;         Farming systems- Orchard Animal, fish, forest; Conservation agriculture)

5.     Farm Mechanization (Tools and implements; Non-destructive technologies)

6.     Plant Protection (Integrated Pest, disease and weed management).

7.  Post-harvest management (Handling; value addition; Packaging; waste and         by-products; nano-technology).

8.     Transfer of technology and production economics (Success stories; Case studies; Doubling farmers’ income)

9.   Export and commercialization(Trading and marketing; Protocols; GAP; Agro-tourism – Orchard, Animal, Fish, Forest)